We wouldn’t be able to provide world-class services to Landlords and Tenants without our highly skilled, passionate and dedicated team. From experienced property and development managers, to finance gurus to marketing whizzes, at ALW Properties we embrace the adage that “teamwork makes the dream work”.
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Asset Management Services

ALW Properties' Asset Management services provide comprehensive property management for real estate assets, catering to both corporate and private investors. Our approach focuses on value preservation and enhancement through cost reduction, income augmentation, debt optimisation, and tenant relationship development. In Gauteng, we offer commercial asset management services encompassing acquisitions, disposals, financial planning, debt structuring, and fostering commercial property growth.

Property Management Services

At ALW Properties, property management is an integral part of our offering and experience. We provide these services to our clients with a culture of excellence and professionalism, fostering trust and respect-based tenant relationships. Our services encompass leasing, facilities management, reporting, maintenance, financial and accounting tasks, tenant installations, rent collection, project management, and valuation advisory.


Property Development Management

ALW Properties, as forward-thinking developers, prioritise financially viable, eco-friendly, and sustainable building projects. Innovation and technology are core to our approach, ensuring future-proof portfolios. Our development management services encompass feasibility studies, project management, land acquisition, financing, planning, joint ventures, space evaluation, value engineering, tenders, and dispute analysis.

Financial Management Services

We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive financial reporting to business leaders, property owners, and shareholders. Our financial management services cover cash management, expenses, reporting, record keeping, external audit coordination, and taxation compliance. This service is ideal for clients that want to make sure their assets are being maximised and at the same time compliant and administratively sound.

If you need a partner to work with in this industry, here’s what sets us apart:

  • A heritage of trust and reliability
  • Over a century of commitment to our people, clients and tenants as our most important assets
  • Dedication to corporate governance and industry compliance
  • Unwaveringly tenant-centric - prioritising the satisfaction and highest quality service to our diverse group of tenants
  • Strengthened by an in-house attorney proficient in property management legalities
  • Moreover, we consistently:

  • Execute comprehensive and cost-effective property maintenance
  • Provide access to a dedicated accounting team handling financial management, budgeting, and reporting
  • Maintain a secure and organised information management system
  • Advertise vacancies effectively across various platforms
  • Cultivate a versatile team proficient in the full spectrum of property management
  • Assign a dedicated portfolio manager as your point of contact for seamless service
  • Thoroughly screen tenants through TPN gold credit bureau enquiries and affordability checks
  • Choose us for an experienced and holistic approach to property management, where your assets are nurtured as part of our legacy of excellence.